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Our 7 Value Investing Summit 2014 Stocks OUTPERFORMED the STI….

Are you one of those whose gains for the full year were wiped out on 16 Oct when STI dropped 1.4%? Well, we hoped not. At least, we believe our value investors, who attended the Value Investing Summit (VIS) 2014, did not have their gains wiped out. One of the highlights of the Annual VIS is the discussion of case studies. Experienced Value Investors were invited to share their experiences and also to analys ...

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VIS 2014 Update: We outperform the STI Index ( 20.78% IN 5 MONTHS)

It has been a good 5 months since the Value Investing Summit (VIS) 2014 in Jan 2014 and I am glad to see our VIS participants laughing their way to the bank.  The average return on all 7 stocks (including 2 REITs) discussed in VIS 2014 is 18.28% (results may vary depending on when they buy) and STI in the same period only increases by 5.49%. We outperform the STI Index!!! The best performance stock discusse ...

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How I Made 80.65% Returns on My Staycation (Part 2)

Time really flies! One year just passed since I wrote this article “How I Made 80.65% Returns on My Staycation”. I am really happy to announce that one of the public listed businesses (or some of you might term as a stock) that I have invested since has grown another 44.08%. If you can still remember the first article I wrote in 2013, I made 80.65%. And after me sleeping for another 1 year, today, my ROI fo ...

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How I Made 80.65% Returns on My Staycation

As a value investor, I do not monitor the share price of my stocks very often at all. Instead, I’m more concerned whether the underlying business of my stock is still performing. If the business performs and grows, I believe profits will grow, eventually leading to growth in share prices. Today is a day where one of my stocks surprised me. After a month of not checking my stock prices, I realized one of the ...

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Fund Manager for My Family

After attending Millionaire Investor, I officially became the "fund manager" for the family. Not only have I benefited, my spouse has also obviously benefited from it. Just a few days ago, I showed my hubby his portfolio. Here’s our conversation: Me: "Nah, your portfolio. To date, made about 8k plus since 2011." (Showed him his portfolio on my iPhone) Hubby: "Wah so much..." Me: "Yah, while you are working, ...

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How I Made 110.7% Returns in Two Years… in Dividends Alone!

In stock investing, out of every ten stocks you invest in, you might see two out-performers, two under-performers and the rest average performers. Well, I'm going to share with you how I unearthed an out-performer in my portfolio, Transpac Industrial Holdings, which made me 110.7% returns in two years - just in dividends alone. So how did I come across this stock in the first place? Thanks to our Millionair ...

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Watch Out for Gold Trading Ponzi Schemes!

Have you heard of Geneva Gold? I heard of this scheme two years ago. Common sense told me this scheme will not work because it's difficult to generate 20%-30% returns in just ONE year, every year; it is not sustainable in long term. We have been going around telling people to be careful with their money and not to be involved such schemes. But there are two emotions that always affect a person's decision ma ...

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My 20th Dividend Cheque

This is my 20th cheque since I started Value Investing in Mar 2010. I was a late learner when it comes to Value Investing, started only in my 30s (pls don’t ask me my exact age).   I wished I had started earlier but couldn’t as I do not even know such a way of investing exists.   A few days ago, my mentor referred me to an article on an interview with Warren Buffett.  The interviewer asked Warren why haven' ...

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Why I Started Value Investing

Many people were amazed about my results from the dividend cheques that I’ve collected over the past 2.5 years. Over the past 2.5 years, I have collected near to 26% of the total amount that I have invested as dividends. Frankly speaking, I’m quite amazed with my results as well :D 3 years ago I was just a typical public servant, working hard and taking regular paycheck, I always thought as long as I save h ...

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