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How I Made 155.73% Returns in Japan Foods Holdings

Back in 2010 I was screening the stock market and I came across Japan Foods Holdings. You may know them better through their consumer F&B brands - Ajisen Ramen, Aji Tei, Aoba, Fruit Paradise and Japanese Gourmet Town. Japan Foods cleared my investment screening criteria, so I downloaded their annual reports and decided to do a little on-the-ground research. I visited their various F&B outlets around ...

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Insider Trades & Share Buybacks: How to Take Advantage of Them

BY VICTOR CHNG,  Value investors typically screen stocks based on business or financial criteria that must meet certain standards. There is however another screening method we use from time to time when screening for undervalued stocks - share buybacks (or share repurchases). Share buybacks can come in two forms. Firstly, a company itself can use its own money to buy back its shares. With less shares in the ...

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Armstrong Industrial Corporation Limited – Possible Takeover?

Armstrong Industrial was one of the clients I served when I was working at my previous company. The impression I got while serving them was that Armstrong are a very cost conscious company and their office building looked rather old, which is usually a good sign for shareholders. Practicing what was taught in Millionaire Investor, I decided to analyze this company as it was within my circle of competence. A ...

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Should You Invest in Low P/E Stocks?

Research has shown that investing in low P/E stocks gives you quite a handsome return over time. But the setback here is that research was done based on a basket of 100 low P/E stocks. Which means that not all of the stocks in the basket actually performed -- there are always bad eggs in a basket. In real life, investing in 100 stocks is a huge hassle. Most investors will not be able to understand all the c ...

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$900.00 Dividend Cheque

This is one of the reasons why I love to open my letterbox. Pure passive income from investing. You can change your outcome and create a better future for you and your family... it's a choice =) Want to learn from REAL value investors and compound your money consistently while making pure passive income? Then join us for a 2-hour Millionaire Investor seminar. Book your FREE seat at http://www.millionaireinv ...

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