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My 1 lesson, 1 discovery from Suntec REIT

15 April 2014 - Last month, I attended the annual general meeting of Suntec REIT. This would have been my 2nd time attending their AGM. In case you’re not sure what a REIT is, you can find out more here It was an insightful experience for sure. One thing I’ve always liked about attending AGMs is listening to the kinds of questions fellow investors ask; sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know … and there ...

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Types and Structure of REITs

Equity REITs Equity REITs are the most common form of REITs. All the REITs to-date in Singapore are Equity REITs. Equity REITs invest in and own physical properties of various types such as residential, retail, office, hotel, industrial and healthcare properties. Most of them are specialised and they own specific building types. Their incomes are primarily derived from collected rents from properties in the ...

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What is a REIT?

A REIT is simply a trust company that pools together funds from investors and applies that money to acquire a group of property which they will then manage, develop and later possibly sell. More formally, the REIT gets its money when investors subscribe for units in the REIT in an IPO3 or via subsequent placements or rights issues undertaken by the REIT. Once the REIT has acquired a package of properties, t ...

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Property – The Obvious Choice?

So you have saved some money for investment. You have read or heard how important it is to have passive income. You have also been warned of the dangers of inflation eating into your hard earned cash. Since Singapore is a small country limited in land, the economics of scarce resource suggests you want to have exposure to Singapore real property, or property for short. Investing in property has been the Asi ...

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Can You Buy Property with No Money Down?

I went to my usual eatery this morning. The young prawn noodle seller, Ah Boon, smiled and told me he went for a seminar that told people they can "buy property with no money down". He laughed that half the room was brainwashed and signed up for the program. So the question is, can you really buy property with no money down? The answer is "Yes" because I did one deal like that. But I have to warn you that n ...

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