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How We Outperformed the STI by 27%..

How’s your investment result in 2015?  2015 has been an exciting year for the stock market. STI rammed up since Jan 2015, breaking 3500 points in Apr 2015 – an all-time high since 2007. But after breaking the 3500, the STI crashed 20% to 2800 points in barely 4 months – an all-time low since Jun 2012.  (The Straits Times Index dropped 15%) KLCI, after a 10% drop in Aug, came back flat in Oct 2015. Bursa was ...

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Understanding conglomerates – A simple walkthrough

According to, a conglomerate is … “A corporation that is made up of a number of different, seemingly unrelated businesses. In a conglomerate, one company owns a controlling stake in a number of smaller companies, which conduct business separately. Each of a conglomerate's subsidiary businesses runs independently of the other business divisions, but the subsidiaries' management reports to se ...

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Where we work, even the “Road Sweeper” is a Kungfu Master..

If you've met our colleague, Min An, you'd think he's a really helpful person, and also rather diligent and conscientious. And I'm guessing you might not think about him (or the rest of the staff) any more beyond that. Somehow, I have a feeling most guests here will simply think that "staff is staff" and "trainer is trainer". What I mean is, our guests might not consciously expect the staff to be GOOD at in ...

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Can You Still Invest in Singpost?

Investors who invested in SingPost after Value Investing Summit 2014 made 40.29% in capital appreciation and dividends… have you? One of the highlights of the Value Investing Summit is the discussion of case studies. In Jan 2014, 8 Investment Co-Founder, Ken Chee shared a stock that 8 Investment has invested in the Singapore Stock Exchange. This stock has not been in the limelight of investors for many year ...

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How I Made 80.65% Returns on My Staycation (Part 2)

Time really flies! One year just passed since I wrote this article “How I Made 80.65% Returns on My Staycation”. I am really happy to announce that one of the public listed businesses (or some of you might term as a stock) that I have invested since has grown another 44.08%. If you can still remember the first article I wrote in 2013, I made 80.65%. And after me sleeping for another 1 year, today, my ROI fo ...

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A Great Business Does Not Mean a Great Investment

I was in bed this morning when Bloomberg pop up the following headline on my iPhone, “FaceBook to buy Messaging App Whatsapp for $19B” I believe this is one of the largest online utility platform acquisition in the last 3 years. To be exact, $4B cash, $12B in FaceBook shares and $3B in Restricted shares (Pretty smart because FB’s own valuation is also pretty rich at P/E of 103). So is Whatsapp a good busine ...

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Should You Worry About The Stock Market?

One of the most common comment that I get often when conducting my Value Investing seminar is, “But the stock market is turning bad or the stock market is very high now”. I usually smile because I know that most people just focus on the market movement, especially the indices such as STI, KLSE, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Hang Seng etc. Little did they realize that all these indices are actually made up by a selecte ...

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Blumont Wiped Off By 95% Within 3 days!

4 weeks ago, my father in-law asked me about one stock that his trader friend tipped him to buy: Blumont at $1.50 per share. His friend claimed that the stock will climb to $3 based on "insider news". A day later it raised to $1.85 and some was convinced that a "trend momentum" was building with "sustainable volume" while showing some quick profits made from Blumont on FB. I did a quick study and in less th ...

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Your Questions on Facebook and My “Sad Truth” Answers

I received a few Facebook messages I feel is worth sharing because it will help answer the same questions many others are having. I broke the whole message down into the paragraph form and answered them. Facebook message: I have seen many of your positing on value investment and how it can generate passive income for you, but i always have the impression that whatever little i have will not be sufficient to ...

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