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Ken Chee

Ken Chee comes from a humble family background. He went to the 2nd-worst school in the country, had a sub-average academic life and got sub-average grades. He only started using English when he was 15.

His dad was a simple bus driver who dabbled in the stock market. In 1985 his dad put whatever little they had in family savings in the stock market hoping to strike it rich. When one Singapore company, Pan-Electric Industries, collapsed with debts of over $480 million and wiped out $230 million in shareholder wealth overnight, the Singapore stock market crashed. In the ensuing aftermath, Ken’s family lost everything. And so in the midst of his schooling, Ken started working at the age of 13.

But somehow despite all these setbacks, Ken finished school and graduated with a degree in business management. He got a job as a marketing executive at the financial firm SIX Telekurs and worked hard. After everything life threw at him, Ken had had made it. Or so it seemed…

Ken had bigger dreams. Being so poor all his life forced him to never stop striving and be comfortable with where he was in life. He wanted to make his first million dollars and so he decided to step out in teh unknown and become an entrepreneur.

In 2002 Ken Chee started JM Asia, a branding and marketing agency with only $9 in his back pocket. In less than 18 months, JM Asia generated more than $1.4 million in revenue and now counts key brands such as Panasonic, Lexus, Toyota, Hugo BOSS, DBS Bank, Singapore Pools, Seraya Energy and ST Electronics among its clientele.

Ken is also the author of Brand Mastery – a book based on over ten years of Ken’s personal branding and marketing experience. Endorsed by Jay Conrad Levinson – the international bestselling author of Guerrilla Marketing, Brand Mastery has powerful yet practical branding and marketing strategies gleaned from working with over 255 client projects.

In recognition of his entrepreneurial efforts, Ken was the recipient of the Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2005. Out of over 140,000 small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Singapore, only the top 40 SMEs are awarded this prestigious honour annually.

In 2008, Ken co-founded 8 Investment, a private investment company with zero capital. In less than 20 months, 8 Investment generated over $3.5 million in revenue. Today 8 Investment is a hugely successful investment, training and media corporation.

Now a self-made millionaire, Ken has achieved his dream of being financially free. He has been featured on national media such as The Strait Times, The Sunday Times, My Paper; on radio, 938LIVE, 958FM; and in magazines, Reader’s Digest, Smart Investors and Shares Investments. Today, Ken is very much dedicated to paying it forward by educating the public to take charge of their financial future.

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Clive Tan

12 years ago, Clive Tan was just an average guy next door who led an ordinary life. Clive made a decent living as a teacher and like many others, his daily routine was very predictable – he would wake up, go to work, knock off and return home.

But he had the luck and the brains to learn his investing skills personally from Curtis Montgomery, an American value fund manager, who was also the most successful audited value investor in Singapore.

During a five year period, Clive applied what he learned and accumulated enough investment returns within that short time frame to successfully launch his first business. He then went on to co-establish a second business, a private investment company, and is dedicated to sharing his investment knowledge with the public so they can benefit from it. He believes every average wage earner on the street can invest wisely and achieve financial freedom.

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Pauline Teo

Pauline Teo is a mother-of-two who happens to be really good at one of the skills most people really should be good at — value investing!

She is also the author of “Value Investing for Women” – a book written to educate women on the importance of financial intelligence and investing. Pauline is now a full-time investor & speaker and hopes her work will inspire more women to take charge of their financial future.

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Victor Chng

Victor Chng was an investment analyst at 8 Investment Pte Ltd from 2011-2013. He specialises in unearthing high-growth, small-capitalisation companies.

Victor also represented Singapore in the 2008 TAFISA World Games in Busan, South Korea and was the 2008 IFMA World Muay Thai Championships bronze medallist, kicking some serious ass along the way.

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Rusmin Ang

Rusmin was an investment analyst at 8 Investment Pte Ltd from 2011-2013. He specialises in unearthing high-growth, small-capitalisation companies.

Rusmin is a former SIAEC scholar who gave up his scholarship to become a private equity fund investor. He also has a rather expensive dream of travelling to space one day.

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Heah Min An

Born in a family in 1984, I took the path that you are going through now – PAP kindergarten, 20140503_080403 (2)
River Valleyprimary school, Monk’s Hill secondary school, Catholic junior college, National Service plus 5 other jobs. Here I am NOW being a “floor sweeper” in a temple.
Rooted in the principles of value investing since September 2010, I apply the steps constantly to my surroundings – watch F&B owners run their stalls, observe what the markets pay with their dollars, calculating the business revenue that I eyed on, to name a few daily activities. If you see me on the streets, say “Hi”.

P.S. Why do I care so much about being a columnist for you? My personal motivation in embarking on this lifelong journey has been driven by friends and their families when they feedback to me that my experience, which may not be totally right, boosted their understanding of the proper investing steps. Why not publish them? And there you go.Earning Disclaimer
“Please note that the material here is provided to you for general information and illustrative purposes only, or as descriptive case studies on how our value-investing principles may be applied. It is not intended to be and should not be construed as any form of general or specific financial advice. For the avoidance of doubt, we do not recommend or provide opinions on how or what you should or should not be investing in, and you should always do your own research and independent assessment before making any investment decisions, taking into account your own specific circumstances. If you require any financial advice on investments or any other financial matters, please consult the relevant professional financial advisers.”

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