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How We Outperformed the STI by 27%..

How’s your investment result in 2015? 

2015 has been an exciting year for the stock market.

STI rammed up since Jan 2015, breaking 3500 points in Apr 2015 – an all-time high since 2007. But after breaking the 3500, the STI crashed 20% to 2800 points in barely 4 months – an all-time low since Jun 2012. 

Value Investing STI(The Straits Times Index dropped 15%)

KLCI, after a 10% drop in Aug, came back flat in Oct 2015.

Value Investing Bursa

Bursa was flat

China Stock Market crashed 40% from 5000 points to 3000 points in a short span of 2 months. It was so bad that 1,300 companies went on a trading halt. 

Value Investing China Market

China Market dropped 40% in 2months

Did you have a roller coaster ride in the stock market as well?

Or you were like us happily grabbing undervalued stocks when the STI and BURSA was down last month?

Well, I’m not sure about you but participants of our Value Investing Summit 2015 should be generating an average return of 12.95%, assuming they have taken action on the 6 stocks that were shared in Jan 2015. The VIS 2015 stock portfolio outperformed the STI by 27% and the Bursa by 12.95%. Our participants should also be laughing their way to the bank as all the 6 stocks discussed in VIS 2015 issued dividends as well.

Buy Low, Sell High – That’s the TRICK! Doesn’t this sound SIMPLE? Investing is SIMPLE but NOT EASY. It’s not easy because of emotional stability. Most stocks speculators were fearful during the market crash because they do not know what they were investing in.

If your own emotions has also been like a roller coaster this past year, then you must attend the upcoming Value Investing Summit in 2016.

Find out more about VIS 2016 here, and see our super-star line up of speakers, including the “Warren Buffetts of Asia” Dr. Niwes Hemvachiravarakorn and Mr. Tan Teng Boo.

 Tickets are running out fast … and they almost always sell out.

 See you at the summit.

 Earning Disclaimer
“Please note that the material here is provided to you for general information and illustrative purposes only, or as descriptive case studies on how our value-investing principles may be applied. It is not intended to be and should not be construed as any form of general or specific financial advice. For the avoidance of doubt, we do not recommend or provide opinions on how or what you should or should not be investing in, and you should always do your own research and independent assessment before making any investment decisions, taking into account your own specific circumstances. If you require any financial advice on investments or any other financial matters, please consult the relevant professional financial advisers.”

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