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My 1 lesson, 1 discovery from Suntec REIT

singapore15 April 2014 – Last month, I attended the annual general meeting of Suntec REIT. This would have been my 2nd time attending their AGM.

In case you’re not sure what a REIT is, you can find out more here

It was an insightful experience for sure.

One thing I’ve always liked about attending AGMs is listening to the kinds of questions fellow investors ask; sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know … and there may be certain aspects of each business I might never have thought of that are crucial to the outcome of my own investment decisions.

Before I attended the AGM, one of the biggest concerns I had about the business was how much online shopping is affecting the sales of retail outlets in Suntec REIT’s properties.

I was concerned about that because my recent experiences with online purchases have left me thoroughly satisfied, and it got me wondering about how the buying patterns of consumers are changing.

Also, I wondered how Suntec REIT’s malls are faring as compared to their heartland and suburban counterparts.

Ever the avid and diligent investor, I did some homework of course. You can see my process in the video here:


I believe Suntec REITs can still fare well, as long as they have a process in place to bring in consistent traffic flow to the retail shops.

More traffic >> more sales for retail shops >> shop owners benefit and stay >> Suntec REIT benefits

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