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VIS 2016 Prelude – To crash or not to crash

VIS 2016 Prelude – To crash or not to crashThe economic scene this past year has been “colourful” to say the least.

Did you have positions in the stock market? How has your portfolio been affected?

Or are you “out of the market”, and silently observing?

On the one hand, the Greek crisis continues to send shudders throughout the global financial system.

With unemployment rate over 25% in the 1st quarter of 2015 alone, and the IMF threatening to withdraw support for her bailout, the fate of Greece is still uncertain.

On the other side of the globe, there’s the insane crash of China’s stock market by nearly a third in mid-June. This sent small investors scrambling and the Chinese government panicking to stop the slide.

Is the crash over? Or is the worst yet to come?

As if these weren’t drama enough, there are now billions of dollars in seeming jeopardy closer to home with the 1Malaysia Development Berhad case.

Are all these events merely part and parcel of the economic landscape?

Or are they indicators to something brewing in the near future?

More importantly, what can YOU do about it?

Value Investing Summit 2016-MastHead-noname

We’re happy to announce that we have some of the best investing minds in Asia lined up for the 5th Annual Value Investing Summit (VIS) 2016, including the “Warren Buffett of Malaysia” Mr Tan Teng Boo … to help us make sense of all that’s happening around us, and what steps we can take to protect and even further grow our financial position.

While the complete details are almost firmed up, we are now pre-releasing the tickets to VIS 2016.

From past experience, our VIS event has always been sold out. And the price of tickets always increases as we draw nearer to the actual event.

So lock in your ticket here at the best possible price now.


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